What does a $1,000 pot roast look like? Michelin-starred chefs work together to make Poon Choi

When families reunite for the Chinese New Year, of course they need to eat something good. For Cantonese people, a pot of vegetables filled with precious ingredients such as abalone, sea spices, chewing gum and prawns is a limited delicacy for the festival.

How can you count the Cantonese New Year without a potted vegetable?

What does a $1,000 basin dish look like? Michelin-starred chefs work together to make Poon Choi

In recent years, ponzu food has increasingly become a ritual on the New Year’s Eve dinner table for people in Guangdong, 大家樂Hong Kong and Macau, and is even gradually becoming a favorite for many families in other cities. The ingredients full of collagen, the atmosphere of sitting around a table and the embodiment of various New Year’s greetings may be the meaning of potted vegetables in Chinese New Year.

Near the Chinese New Year, Gala Music Group has teamed up with Michelin-starred chefs to offer you a rich selection of potted dishes.

What does a $1,000 potted dish look like? Michelin-starred chefs work together to create potted dishes

Happy Together – Poon Choi, a dish with good luck and good intentions

In the memory of Cantonese people, Poon Choi is a necessary dish for festive occasions. 大家樂When a basin dish appears, there must be something big. It is the masterpiece of Guangdong food “auspicious” science, a plate of basin dish means reunion and good luck, the meaning is very good.

White shrimps are always smiling, duck paws in sauce invites wealth and fortune, and the lucky bag welcomes the spring. …… All kinds of good intentions for the New Year are gathered in the basin dish.

A variety of New Year’s good intentions gathered in the big happy basin dish, and the basin dish in the eating method is very in line with the traditional Chinese patriarchal law, a table of diners only eat a basin dish, meaning a festive reunion, a peaceful, full of basin, rich and abundant, really can be said to be “happy together – poly treasure basin”.

What does a $1,000 basin dish look like? Michelin-starred chefs work together to make the basin dish

Michelin-starred chefs oversee better quality

Although Poon Choi has a good meaning, but in the final analysis, the pot of “harmony” ingredients is rich enough. This time for everyone happy together with Michelin-starred chef Mr. Xie Wen to supervise the production of music together – pot series of basin dishes, the use of students of good ingredients production, 大家樂strict requirements for the selection of product ingredients, for consumers can provide a high quality, delicious life healthy ingredients guarantee.

What does a $1,000 basin dish look like? Michelin-starred chefs work together to make ponzu dishes

According to Michelin chef Mr. Kevin Tse, the most important secret of potted vegetables is to choose the freshest ingredients. Thus, the “money-laden” Grand Delight gathered a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner series, which also concentrated Chef Xie’s food choices over the years.

Take sea cucumber as an example, the first thing to look at is the origin, water quality and temperature of the sea cucumber, which all affect the quality of the sea cucumber. This time, the Dalian Plum Blossom Sea Cucumber, a precious sea cucumber in the series of “Gathering Together”, is grown in the cold and pure pristine waters of Dalian, with its thick body wall, pure color, favorable spine, full flesh, less impurities in the body, strong and smooth in the mouth, full of Q, rich in protein and high health It is rich in protein and has high health value.